Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love . . . . Flavia del Prá

I've been told from Bodie and Fou that their sale will start on July the first. Looking for some things to show you here, I found this great designer Flavia del Prá. What I saw and loved on Bodie and Fou were these lamps for children:
and in the same line but more serious:

Later, I googled her name and found she has her own Website where you can't buy online, but you can see some other great things:
Soon, I'll post more things about Bodie and Fou sale!

Link: Flavia del Prá
Flavia del Prá on Bodie and Fou

Friday, June 27, 2008

I love . . . . Viva Terra

On this Website, all of the items seem to be related with nature, and I find this kind of stuff when placed at home, specially peaceful. I'm sorry for the images as their not very good, but enough to see how lovely these stone runner and placemats are:

It's also available with different color stones:

and here you're a closer look at the Twig flatware and servers that can also be seen on the previous photo:

And one of my favourites, this picnicware-I love the colors!-:

and, for the last picture, this porcelain branch tea set. You should know that the teapot is on sale - half off!-

Link: Viva Terra

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love . . . . Tracy Porter's Tea for Ones

First of all, I want to make clear that on Tracy Porter's Website there are many other beautiful items besides these hand painted Tea for Ones. I specify on the title that I'm talking about the these items because I will give her some more posts as there are so many great things to see-and buy-, like the jewelery, furniture, lighting... But I can't help loving.....

Aren't they great? I find these ones specially adorable:

I love the "3D butterflies"! You can view different pictures of all of them on her Website. She also has a blog that you also may want to visit.

Link: Tea for ones on Tracy Porter's Website
Tracy Porter Website
Tracy Porter Blog

Monday, June 23, 2008

I love . . . . Chie Mihara

I can't help loving shoes, almost all of them, but I find Chie Mihara's ones specially lovely. They are so different and original! I can say about myself that I'm a "heel/platform fan" although I also wear flats so I have chosen this couple of heel sandals as some of my favourites, although the decision has been really difficult.

Of course, I also wear flats as wearing heels all day is really hard, and I have decided to post these flat ones that a find really cute, but choosing has been difficult here too, as there are many more on the
online shop, and they're as cool as these ones.
Link: Chie Mihara (Website)
Chie Mihara (store)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love . . . . Taaz

Quite a long time ago, I discovered Taaz via Emerging Tech. To sum up, you can try all kind of makeups, haircuts, hair color, . . . even color contact lens on yourself; well not on yourself yourself, on your photo, but the result is really good, very realistic. You have to register and upload a photo, but it's very easy to use and you can have fun for a while. One more good thing about it is that when you decide to try something, let's say a lipstick for instance, they tell you de brand and the color number so that if you like it, you can buy it later.
Via: Emerging Tech

Friday, June 20, 2008

I love . . . . JMN Pottery

JMN Pottery is my new discovery on Etsy! It might not fit very well with this blog style, but I can't help it, I love this poison skully mugs!

If you don't like this "radical style" they have some other great stuff, like this teapot and this mug

Link: JMN Pottery (Etsy)

I love . . . . Kim & Jason, even more -free shipping!-

Jenna, from Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand has just written to offer you, my readers, free shipping (I supose for orders within the U.S.) from now until the end of June with the coupon LOVELYTHINGS. I really think it's worth it, as their stuff is not expensive and is so lovely! specially their bath salts! Here you are this funny video they've sent me. Enjoy!

Link: Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love . . . . Kim & Jason

I love cupcakes, and on Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand you can find these sweet ones. Yummy??

Maybe, but actually not that much.....

it's bath salt! I also love ice-cream, but this one can't be eaten either.
And now, this beautiful ice-cream container that is the package for some colorful ice-cream bowls, for real ice-cream, of course!

They have some other great stuff, and although it's not related with the photos above, I had to post this lovely sand castle set!

Link: Kim and Jason Lemonade Stand (shop)
Kim and Jason Lemonade Stand (blog)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love . . . . Irene Suchocki

I have found this great artist, and I find her work really really lovely.

She's a great photographer, and although she treats very different subjects, I find specially inspiring the ones I post here, based on the summer.

They really make me think of the summer time, the heat, the sea, the beach.......It makes me think of my holiday and I can't wait any longer!!

She's got a charming blog and her pictures can be bought online for only $30, either on her space at Etsy or at her own online shop. On her website you've got more information, it's a very nice site, not only because of the wonderful pictures you can see there, but also because she doesn't use flash which I don't like much and everybody seems to use when they want to make something spectacular. On Flickr, more of her cool photos.

Links: Irene's main Website,
Irene's blog,
Irene on Etsy,
Irene's shop online,
Irene on Flickr

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love . . . . Epicurious

I think I have already mentioned that I love cooking and specially desserts. I love the smell that usually fills my home, and I can't help loving people saying "mmmm.... you're such a good cook". I also like making things not only delicious, but also look so, and this is why I introduce you Epicurious. This wonderful website is full of original delicious and different recipes. Some of them has reviews, photos, user rating.... It's really helpful to know what other people think about difficulty and if they think it's really worth it cooking. Here you have this great mixed-berry chiffon cake with almond cream cheese frosting, so spectacular.

And as I love chocolate -love is not enough, I'm crazy about it-, I really feel I have to post this chocolate moose and chocolate cherry charlottes.

Finally, isn't this chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream adorable???

Many other recipes-not only desserts- are available on the website. I highly recommend it!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I love . . . . Tjep.

New artist just discovered. What made me fall in love with his collection, was actually this chair I saw at Droog.
But when I visited his Website, I found some other great things like this heart.

Finally, I decided to post some of his designs, because I love Space invaders, and he's made this wonderful tribute to this old video game

Link: Via:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love . . . . Sandra Robledo

New great discovery. I love Sandra Robledo's jewelery. The first piece I saw is this great necklace. I love it because apart from being great, it is so KENZO!!! (I love Kenzo, and I'll make it clear another day).She's got many other great pieces, but I specially love this two collections, I find them so "part of nature".... I love them.

Of course, you can see many more items and read more about them on her Website.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

I love . . . . Non Plus Ultra

Great Website with great items! why all the trash-cans have to be the same? Try to put some color in your garden or street! Be different!

The best is that you can buy it online and it'll be only 24,95€


Friday, June 6, 2008

I love . . . . Art Lebedev

I've found this wonderful design studio and they have some really great stuff. I'll show some of my favourite pieces, but not all of them, as everything is great and I can't post them all. Let's begin!

As the summer is close, birds begin to appear everywhere, I love this birdhouse and it's the perfect time for it.
I have also fallen in love with this great mouse that looks like the cursor. I find the idea really original, and what's more, I think this shape must be really comfortable.

Although I don't want you to be fed up with many things, just the last one, take a look at these speakers!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I love . . . . Akadoo

I find specially difficult to hide radiators at home, but what if all the radiators were like this one, designed by Joris Laarman?Well, then, there would be no need to hide, and what's more, I'd feel the need to place it somewhere where everybody could see it. Lovely.

Link: Joris Laarman's design at Akadoo