Friday, February 20, 2009

I love . . . . Duffy London

Duffy London is a design studio that I do love. Although you can see much more products and buy online on Duffy London site, I'm going to show you my favourites, these lamps. Actually, they're not laps, they're lightning canvases. My favourites (if you want to know the prices, click on the images and you'll go to the original website):

The same technique is used with other pictures, like this:

But as I told you, they have more items, like these frames under the category "items under
£20". This one has a clip for you to hang your pictures:

And this one is made of cork, to push pins to hold the photos:

Lovely! more here.

Link: Duffy London

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love . . . . Pepe and Friends

Look at these beautiful cups, saucers and plates designed by Pepe and Friends. You can buy them online for £10. Go to the shop clicking here, or click on the images and you'll be redirected there.

There are more items that matches the collection, so take a look here!

Link: Pepe and Friends

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I love . . . . Cath Kidston

There are more shops at UK that I really adore, and one of them is Cath Kidston. Everything is so "shabby chic", I really love the style! There are still some great things on sale, like these towels (also available in blue):

or this purse:

You can see more items on sale here.
But, the not on sale items are also great and not too expensive. I love these mugs:

and look at this china:

and they also sell shabby chic clothing, like this dressing gown:

This is only my own little selection, but there are many things on Cath Kidston website.

Link: Cath Kidston

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I love . . . . Graham and Green

These days I'm buying things from United Kingdom. It's closer to me, so the shipping costs are quite lower, and it's sale time, and I love that. I don't feel like wasting money, and that is why today I want to show you Graham and Green. Here, you can find a lot of things for home at reasonable prices. Some are not on sale, like these jars and bottles that I really REALLY want (prices from £11.74 to £18.35):

or like this towel rail(£47.96):

or this handle (£28.75):

and some on sale like these bird jug and mug (£4.40):

or these plates (set of four from £8.81 to £13.70):

and these placemats (set of 6 £20.36):

Of course, more (much more) on the original website. Have fun!

Link: Graham and Green