Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I love . . . . Graham and Green

These days I'm buying things from United Kingdom. It's closer to me, so the shipping costs are quite lower, and it's sale time, and I love that. I don't feel like wasting money, and that is why today I want to show you Graham and Green. Here, you can find a lot of things for home at reasonable prices. Some are not on sale, like these jars and bottles that I really REALLY want (prices from £11.74 to £18.35):

or like this towel rail(£47.96):

or this handle (£28.75):

and some on sale like these bird jug and mug (£4.40):

or these plates (set of four from £8.81 to £13.70):

and these placemats (set of 6 £20.36):

Of course, more (much more) on the original website. Have fun!

Link: Graham and Green

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