Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love . . . . Irene Suchocki

I have found this great artist, and I find her work really really lovely.

She's a great photographer, and although she treats very different subjects, I find specially inspiring the ones I post here, based on the summer.

They really make me think of the summer time, the heat, the sea, the beach.......It makes me think of my holiday and I can't wait any longer!!

She's got a charming blog and her pictures can be bought online for only $30, either on her space at Etsy or at her own online shop. On her website you've got more information, it's a very nice site, not only because of the wonderful pictures you can see there, but also because she doesn't use flash which I don't like much and everybody seems to use when they want to make something spectacular. On Flickr, more of her cool photos.

Links: Irene's main Website,
Irene's blog,
Irene on Etsy,
Irene's shop online,
Irene on Flickr

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