Monday, November 3, 2008

I love . . . . Swims

Rainy days are back, and where I live, they're really rainy days, it seems it'll never stop. I have my boots for rain, but I don't like the way they fit with my usual clothes, I rather my heels or ballerinas, but it's raining! OK, here is the way to solve this problem! Via Yanko Design, I discovered this shoe covers that prevent them from getting wet. And actually, they make the shoes look so cool! These first two pictures are from Yanko Design, and you can see Swims for heels:

And here you are the ones for flats, available on Swims online shop:

Link: Swims
Yanko Design


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this blog. Keep it up.

I would have gone for it, if I would seen this blog before.

I just purchased "Report shoes with the heels"
Report shoes with the heels from Its nice.

Mari said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks for your support! Lot of things to do these days, but I'll try to keep this blog going. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...