Thursday, July 9, 2009

I love . . . . Tiara Yaktsa

I'm going to Cannes with my boyfriend, and I really can't wait for the 15th of July, when we will be getting there. Actually, we are going to stay close to Cannes, in a place called Theoule Sur Mer, where we found this wonderful hotel called Tiara Yaktsa. Although I have not been there yet, I already love it and I wanted to show you some pictures:

I can't wait! If you like it, hurry up. They have a special openning offer (if you book via their web) which is really attractive. The only "but" that I can find right now is that the breakfast is a bit expensive, and that's why, although we might try it some day, we will be having our first meal of the day somewhere else.
I don't thik I'll be posting a lot until the end of my holiday, but I'll let you now more about the hotel as soon as I'm back. Enjoy!

Link: Tiara Yaktsa official website
Imagens de Marca


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Congratulations to your space and interesting pictures included, I encourage you to photoblog

Greetings from Italy


Mari said...

Marlow, thanks for your comment!

Las Enaguas de Pitulina said...

What beautiful place!!