Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love . . . . Vivienne Westwood

Of course I do! And Anglomania is really good and the shoes are as good as the clothes. You can find it all on Coggles, a great online store, and they are on sale! (it's also available on net-a-porter, but I think Coggles has made a better selection here). A look I would choose:

The navy top,

the blazer,

the shoes (I love plastic shoes, and these ones are made of bubblegum scented plastic, OMG!)

and the jacket

all Vivianne Westwood's, but the shorts are designed by Farhi:
Oh! and these shoes may not fit the look, but they're awesome (again, bubblegum scented plastic)!

Find them all on Coggles.

Link: Anglomania on Coggles
Vivienne Westwood shoes on Coggles

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