Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love . . . . Picnic Baskets

Actually, my sister is the one who really loves them, so this post is specially written for her. I have found several Websites to buy Picnic Baskets and of course, with a wide range of prices. I've chosen two sites that had -in my opinion- the best ones.
First, from Picnic Basket
I have chosen these ones, ordered by price (the first one is widely cheaper):

And also ordered by price, from Picnic Fun:

If you click on the photos, you will visit the original website with the prices (some of the are on sale now!). On these sites there are more baskets following this style, and some "less classical" ones. Take look!

Link: Picnic Basket
Picnic Fun

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Anonymous said...

Here's another site that sells lovely picnic