Monday, September 29, 2008

I love . . . . Cupcakes

I do love them, and I try to cook them from time to time, but mine always look horrible because they don't rise, and stay down there and it's very difficult to make that thing that I cook look delicious, but if this is not your situation about cupcakes, you may find these cases and wrappers from Etsy specially useful, because I'm sure they'll make your cupcakes look even more delicious:

These ones are personalized with the names you want:

I recommend you to visit each shop, so you can see many more....

Caramelos (Etsy)
EllezDesignes (Etsy)
LayerCakeShop (Etsy)
SoSweetVintageBabe (Etsy)
YummyCuppyCrafts (Etsy)

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